hours of viewing on youtube

hours of viewing on youtube

30.07.2021 0 Автор Кирилл

Are you actively using YouTube and want to start earning money on commercials today, monetize your stay on the site? Hurry up to order a cheat of hours of views on YouTube. Relatively recently, the video hosting has again updated and tightened the requirements for participation in the partner program. Now only those users whose clips have collected the necessary Youtube viewing hours and the number of subscribers to the channel can receive income from views. on the website you will find the answer to the question how to get 4000 watch hours on youtube.

About service

Being a beginner, it is difficult to get the desired YouTube viewing hours on your own and gather a large audience of fans. Of course, you can spend a lot of time attracting viewers. A simpler solution is to wind up YouTube. Hours of YouTube views 2021-2022 can be wound up with the help of our service. Paid promotion will allow you to:

get the necessary characteristics for your channel and video (4000 hours of views and 1000 subscribers);

become a full member of the partner program;

start making good money on the monetization of commercials.

Are you interested in the question of how to wind up hours of views on YouTube? Use the services of our website. The automatic program will quickly add 4000 hours of views and other resources. You will get the right to monetize and will be able to increase your income as quickly as possible, start earning not in the near future, but right now. The program knows exactly how to get 4000 hours of viewing on YouTube quickly, efficiently, safely and inexpensively.


How to get hours of views on YouTube — new monetization rules

Until recently, it was possible to get a stable income and earn good money with the help of videos on YouTube immediately after downloading the first video. Gradually, the video hosting has tightened the rules. Initially, a minimum number of views was required for successful monetization. Gradually, YouTube increased the number of views and brought the necessary indicator to the level of 10 thousand. While most bloggers were looking for ways to get the desired mark on the counter and actively increased views on the video, Youtube again revised the rules.

Already today, to become a member of the affiliate program, you need to collect:

10 thousand views;

1000 subscribers per channel;

4000 hours of views (total for the last 12 months).

If we consider that 4000 hours of views is about 240 thousand minutes, then the bar for entering the affiliate program is unattainable not only for beginners, but also for youtubers with experience.


Has your channel already become popular and achieved monetization activation? This is not the time to relax. The question of how to gain hours of views on YouTube is still relevant for you. The thing is that in the case of unsubscribing users or reducing the total viewing time (if the indicator falls below 4000 hours of views per year), Youtube again disables the affiliate program until the user reaches the necessary indicators, and his channel and video will not meet the specified characteristics.

Therefore, cheating hours of views on YouTube is a service that you will have to use regularly for stable earnings in order to maintain the popularity of the channel and not go beyond the established limits. A few months ago, bloggers did not know how to wind up hours of views on YouTube. Today, the cheat of viewing hours is available to all users without exception on the territory of the CIS countries. The service offers high-quality SMM promotion for money, which allows you to quickly increase any indicator on the counter and become a real YouTube star with high earnings.